Actual Bird is

Lee Abecasis-Vocals
Dominic Clarke-Guitar
James Hallett-Bass
Gavin Nelson-Synths
Joe Urwin-Synths
Oliver Davies-Drums

An alternative rock band based in Bristol. Started in 2008 by Dom and Lee.

Have just released The Agreer EP.

The Agreer

EP (2017)

The Agreer
  1. The Agreer
  2. Too Late to Enslave Them
  3. Dogzone
  4. In Her Road
  5. The Bone Meadow
  6. I Got Lucky / Long Way From the Main Road

The Ending Inn

EP (2012)

The Ending Inn Cover
  1. Swim to the Shore
  2. Big Lorries O'clock
  3. City of Love
  4. Alice and Me
  5. The Ending Inn
  6. Midnight, I wish I were

Actual Bird

LP (2011)

Actual Bird
  1. The No-Armed Lunger
  2. Phaser
  3. Positive Clam
  4. Baby
  5. Robot
  6. The Saint
  7. Si Veriash a la Rana
  8. Avril Le Blanc
  9. Trotting Out the Meat
  10. Send My Sames Wrong



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